Which are better – seasonal or all season tyres?

Oponeo 07-11-2014 Tyres/automotive
Which are better – seasonal or all season tyres?

Very often drivers, mainly to save money, instead of changing winter tyres for summer ones, decide to buy a set of all season tyres. Even though it seems to be a smart solution in theory, we may incur additional expenses in practice.

All season tyres surely have advantages. First of all, they are cheaper than seasonal tyres, and, in addition, we do not have to change them before summer or winter season. Let’s do not forget that instead of buying two sets we can buy one, which will be useful all year round. Thanks to that, we can save some money and time and avoid stress.

However, in case of all season tyres a following  saying  can be applied: if something is good for everything, it is good for nothing. Seasonal tyres are made of appropriate materials, which provide much better performance. Summer tyres have a tread, which provides better grip and results in a shorter braking distance.

On the other hand, winter tyres are made of a more elastic mixture, which behaves better in a temperature below 7 Celsius degrees, and have an aggressive tread, which provides better grip and more effective evacuation of snow and slush. – All season tyres are dedicated mainly for customers with cars of lower performance levels, who do not drive on longer routes and use cars mainly to drive through the city – says Ernest Pujszo Project Manager of Oponeo.co.uk.

All season tyres are a compromise between summer and winter tyres, and that means that they will never be as good as seasonal ones. All season tyres will wear off more quickly in summer, and will provide lower grip in winter, and because of that – a longer braking distance. If safety is important to you, the only choice are seasonal tyres.

It is worth remembering that saving money on all season tyres may be only apparent. All season tyres – as the name indicates – are used all year round, and that means they will wear off faster, also because of the mixture used, which must work in winter conditions. Thereby, tyres will have to be changed more frequently. In practice buying two sets of tyres – for summer and winter, may prove to be a solution demanding the same or comparable costs. Let’s also remember that the level of safety is much higher.



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