How to prepare a car for winter

Oponeo 29-10-2014 Tyres/automotive

Winter is not only the most difficult time for drivers due to road conditions, but also a significant challenge for our cars. If you take care of your car, you should prepare it for forthcoming temperatures, road salt and precipitation. See what you have to remember about.

Take care of the bodywork

Nothing saddens drivers more than the sight of rust on the car. Not only it damages the esthetic value of the car, but is also expensive to repair. And winter, due to low temperatures and salt poured on the road, is really demanding to the bodywork. A good practice is to clean, polish and wax the body. Thanks to that, you will protect the varnish layer from water and salt. As little as that can protect you from substantial expenses in the future.

Remember about the tyres

Changing tyres for winter ones, even though it is not obligatory in United Kingdom, is very important. – A different, more elastic mixture combined with a more aggressive tread, provides better grip on slippery surfaces and allows for a braking distance to be shorter by even 25 per cent in comparison to summer tyres – says Ernest Pujszo, Project Manager of

When changing tyres for winter ones, you take care not only of yourself and your beloved ones, but also of your car.

Appropriate fluids for the car

Just like a person without water, a vehicle will not make it far without appropriate fluids. In this case, it is not only fuel, but also, let’s say, refrigerating fluid. If it is not resistant to freezing, it may cause damage to the radiator or even to the engine block.

Do not forget about wiper fluid. First of all, the winter version has more alcohol thanks to which it can clean frosted windows better. Second of all, it will not freeze during a night stopover. Do not forget about additional supply of the fluid, as slush on the window is not easy to clean off.

It is worth being able to see something

Not many drivers think about buying appropriate windscreen wipers for their vehicles. However, there are some that are much better for winter conditions. We are talking about wipers made of graphite composites, thanks to which they clean windows and do not become stiff in low temperatures. Visibility is the key issue when driving a car.

Charge your car

It is impossible to forget about one of the biggest issues that drivers in UK have to face due to low temperatures. It is obviously the battery. It is a good practice not only to charge it before frosts hit, but also to check the wires, clamps and alternator to be sure that the battery is appropriately charged during driving.

Small things matter

It is worth buying some small things before winter, which may prove to be a gift of the fortune in the future. You surely have to remember about a brush for snow clearance and an ice scraper. You will not be able to leave in the morning without them. It may also be useful to have: a tow-rope, booster cables, a shovel and working gloves.

An appropriate preparation of the car for winter may save you many problems in the future and help to avoid being late at work and unplanned stops. That is why it is worth checking your car before difficult weather conditions occur and to buy the most important things, which will help you during frosts.